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青岛第五十九中学 2012级十班


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Unit11 Sad movies make me cry.

Sec A

1.      make sb. do  让某人做… eg: make me cry 让我哭 make sb. want to leave/relax 让某人想离开/放松

2.      make sb./sth. + adj.  使某人/某物处于某种状态

eg: make sb. sleepy/nervous/uncomfortable 使某人困倦/紧张/不舒服

3.      I would rather do= I’d rather do 宁可做… (would rather do否定形式would rather not do )

would rather do than do = would do rather than do=prefer to do rather than do= prefer doing to doing   宁可做也不做…; 胜过做

4.      I like to listen to quiet music while I’m eating. 我进餐过程中喜欢听安静的音乐。(强调进餐过程)

5.      drive sb. crazy/mad 使某人疯狂/发疯

6.      yes and no 既是也不是

7.      the more…, the more… …, 

8.      have a lot in common 有许多共同之处

9.      The more I got to know somebody, the more I’ve realized that we have a lot in common. 我对某人了解越多,越感到我们有许多相同之处。

10.   be friends with sb. 与某人成为朋友 

11.   Why don’t you do…? =Why not do…? 为什么不做

12.   ask her to join you 请她加入到你们中间

13.   each time you do something 每当你做的时候 each time he/she does something 每当他/她做的时候

14.   feel/ be left out   感觉被忽略

15.   make our friendship stronger 使我们的友谊更牢固

16.   There lived an unhappy king. 那里住着一位不开心的国王。

There lives/lies/stands…+ S     (完全倒装句)

17.   be (as) pale as chalk 面色苍白

18.   cry for no reason 无端哭泣

19.   be called in to examine the king  被召来给国王检查身体

20.   find nothing wrong with his body 发现他的身体并没有任何问题

21.   neither…nor…既不也不… (连接两个并列的SV就近判断)

22.   What he needs is the shirt of a happy person to wear.


23.   be worried about losing one’s power 担心失去权力

24.   take one’s position 取代某人的位置 (= take one’s place)

25.   have a lot of wealth 有很多财富

26.   It’s true that…  的确

27.   be followed by others 被别人跟踪

28.   top general 大将军

29.   be told to do …被告知做

30.    in three days’ time 在三天之内

Sec B

1.      remain unhappy forever   永远(保持)不开心

2.      find a person with power and money   找到一个有权有钱的人

3.      keep his eyes on the ground  眼睛盯着地面

4.      He felt like there was a heavy weight on his shoulders as he walked home alone. 当他(一个人独自走在回家路上的时候,)他觉得双肩沉重。

5.      miss scoring the goal  错过了进球

6.      How could he have missed scoring that goal?他怎么没把球射进呢? could have done 表示“过去本能够做某事却未做”,包含“责备”之意。

7.      let his whole team down   让整个球队失望 

let…down = make …. disappointed =  disappoint  sb 使失望)

8.      kick him off the team    把他从球队踢出去

9.      hear his father knocking on his bedroom 听见爸爸在敲卧室门   hear sb. doing 听到某人正在做某事

10.  be too hard on sb      对某人严厉苛刻  ( = put so much pressure on sb)

11.  let sb in   让某人进入       ask sb to leave 让某人离开

12.  be close to winning the game  差点就赢了比赛   be close to sth/doing sth 很接近

13.  pull together = work hard together   齐心协力

14.   offer sb some advice = offer some advice to sb   给某人提建议

= provide some advice for sb = provide sb with some advice 

15.   The next day, Peter went to soccer practice with courage rather than fear in his heart.第二天,彼得没有害怕而是勇敢地去参加了足球训练。 rather than 而不是

16.  in agreement 同意、意见一致  To his surprise and relief, his teammates all nodded in agreement. 使他惊喜而又欣慰的是,他的队友们都点头赞同。

17.  It made him feel lucky to know that he was on a winning team. 他为自己属于一个奔向胜利的球队感到幸运。

18.  win/lose a competition 赢得/输掉比赛

19.  get good/bad grades on/in an exam 考试取得好成绩/考试成绩糟糕

20.  perform sth. well/badly in front of a big group of people在一大群人面前表演得好/糟糕

21.  get in a fight with sb.=fight with sb. 和某人打架


Unit 12 Life is full of the unexpected.

 Sec A

1.      Life is full of the unexpected. 生活充满了意外。

be full of =be filled with=be crowded with 充满、塞满 fill A with B   B填满A  

2.      By the time I got to school, I realized I had (already) left my backpack at home.当我到了学校的时候,我才意识到我把背包落在家里了。

3.      Why were you late for class today? 今天你为什么迟到了?

4.      My alarm clock didn’t go off. 今天我闹钟没响。alarm clock 闹钟 go off发出响声

5.      I kept sleeping.   我一直睡。   keep doing 一直做

6.      When I woke up, it was already 8 a.m.当我醒来的时候已经是早上8点了。 wake up (woke, woken) 叫醒、醒来  wake her/him up 叫醒她/

7.      put on some clothes 穿上衣服 (take off脱下、起飞)

8.      brush one’s teeth 刷牙

9.      wash one’s face洗脸

10.  rush out the door   冲出房门

11.  give sb. a lift 捎某人一程 = give sb a ride

12.  at the World Trade Center 在世贸中心

13.  arrive at/in… 到达

14.  be about to do… (某人)就要做…, 即将做…/(某事)就要发生————表达的是一种眼下的、最近的将来 eg: I was about to go up when I decided to get a coffee first.我正要上楼,这时我决定先去买杯咖啡。

15.  It was two blocks east from my office. 它在我办公室东边两个街区以外。

16.  wait in line with other office workers 和其他办公室职员排队等候

17.  hit the office building hit, hit)撞上办公大楼

18.  stare at sb/sth 盯着、凝视某人或某物

19.  in disbelief 怀疑、不相信地   stare at sb in disbelief  怀疑地注视某人

20.  stare at the black smoke rising above the burning building


21.  feel lucky to be alive 觉得能够活着很幸运

22.  jump out of the bed and go straight to the airport从床上跳起来直奔机场

23.  the flight / the plane to New Zealand       飞往新西兰的那次航班

24.  What bad luck! 真倒霉!What good luck! 真幸运!

25.  think to oneself 暗自思忖、心里暗想  say to oneself   自言自语

26.  wait till the next day 一直等到第二天

27.  unexpectedly turn into…出乎意料地变成了… eg: My bad luck had unexpectedly turned into a good thing. 


28.  leave for school   动身去上学      leave school 离开学校 

29.  show up = appear    出现,露面     disappear  v.  消失

30.  get a chance to say goodbye   有机会道别

31.  go into the building = enter the building  进入大楼

32.  collect the math homework 收数学作业

33.  finish making the apple pie 做完苹果派

Sec B

1.      invite him to a costume party 邀请他参加化妆舞会

2.      stay up all night 整晚熬夜     stay up doing熬夜做某事

3.      What happened to her/him on April Fool’s Day? /她愚人节出什么事了?

4.      an introduction to April Fool’s Day 愚人节的介绍  an introduction to sb/sth  对于某人或某物的介绍

5.      April Fool’s Day is a celebration that takes place in different countries around the world.愚人节是一个世界上许多国家都进行庆祝的节日。

6.      play all kinds of tricks and jokes on each other 相互开各种玩笑或恶作剧

7.      fool sb   愚弄某人 ---   be fooled by …   愚弄

8.      buy as much spaghetti as sb. can = buy as much spaghetti as possible 尽可能多地买意大利面

9.      By the time people realized that the story was a hoax, all of the spaghetti across the country had been sold out当人们意识到这是一个骗局/恶作剧的时候,全国所有的意大利面都被卖光了。

10.  sell out 卖光 (be sold out 被卖光)   sell well 热销、卖得好(无被动)

11.  report the discovery of …报道的发现

12.  lose a lot of weight in just four months (lost, lost) 在仅仅四个月内就减掉很多体重

13.  by the end of the day 当天结束之前

14.  end up being not very funny 结局并不那么有趣 end up doing告终、结束

15.  invite her onto his show 邀请她上他的节目

16.  get married结婚marry her/him/me = get/be married to her/him/me /嫁她// 

17.  be canceled 被取消 egHis show was canceled. 他的节目被取消了。

18.  one of the world’s most famous tricks世界上最出名的恶作剧之一

19.  make it sound so real that … 让它(他的话)听起来如此逼真以至于

20.  Fear spread across the whole country. 恐惧在整个国家漫延。(spread, spread, spread)

21.  the most believable story 最令人相信的故事 the least believable 最难以置信的

22.  the most embarrassing joke 最令人尴尬/窘迫/害羞的笑话

23.  put a piece of paper on one’s back that said “…” 把一张写有……的字条贴在某人背上

24.  head west 向西去

25.  lead to the mall (led, led) 通往商场 lead to…通向、领到、带到,导致 All roads lead to Rome. 条条大路通罗马。

26.  serve me the most delicious bowl of chicken noodles提供给我最美味的一碗鸡肉面/用一碗最美味的鸡肉面招待我

27.  cancel my plan to do sth. 取消做某事的计划

28.  make an unexpected discovery=discover unexpectedly出乎意料地发现

29.  hand in 上交 hand out分发



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